About collection

Engravings collection of the Old Europe Gallery was compiled by the three generations of private collectors. During the years selecting the best samples in the printing houses of old Europe, they managed to find wonderful sample prints and facsimiles from the XIX century and beginning of the XX century. Their authenticity, period of creation, as well as the quality of the paper are confirmed by the reports of certified experts.

Each engraving was the result of the combined effort of the team of masters and their apprentices. One was thoroughly working on the forms, another - on the ornaments, the third did landscapes. In such a way the engravings were created in the XIX century. That is why today they are fascinating the viewer with the utmost level of accuracy and attention to the detail. In the process of engraving creation the masters were using about one hundred of different tools. 

Today an engraving is not only an elegant work of art , but also an imprint of history, a message from the time long gone but still fascinating. And let's not miss the most important - a well framed print is a wonderful piece of the interior decoration and present.