Press clippings

Old Europe Gallery exhibits and sells prints, engravings facsimile, oil paintings reproduction, XXth century press clippings, 10-90's posters prints.

Collection of more than 3500 images on a variety of topics and subjects in monochrome and color version, from small size 70x50 mm to large 1450x850 mm.

We sell prints with and without frames. A purchase can be picked up immediately or delivered by post.

Designer - professional and amateur will be able to choose from the collection a suitable works for decoration as large objects, such as hotels chain, office buildings, restaurants, or small apartments, private houses and yachts.

Engravings collection of the Old Europe Gallery was compiled by the three generations of private collectors. During the years selecting the best samples in the printing houses of old Europe, they managed to find wonderful sample prints and facsimiles from the XIX century and beginning of the XX century. Their authenticity, period of creation, as well as the quality of the paper are confirmed by the reports of certified experts.

Today an engraving is not only an elegant work of art , but also an imprint of history, a message from the time long gone but still fascinating. And let's not miss the most important - a well framed print is a wonderful piece of decor in the interior decoration and a perfect gift.